English Chords
Bryan Adams- Open Road
Audioslave- Like A Stone
Avril Lavinge- Complicated
Avril Lavinge- Losing Grip
Avril Lavinge- My Happy Ending
Avril Lavinge- Sk8er Boi
Beatles- Hard Days Night
Blue- All Rise
Bon Jovi- It's My Life
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Bryan Adams- Everything I Do
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Bryan Adams- Here I am
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Bryan Adams- It's Only Love
Bryan Adams- Open Road
Bryan Adams- Run To You
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Bryan Adams- Summer Of 69
Celen Dion- My Heart Will Go On
Dire Straits- Romeo & Juliet
Eagles- After The Thrill Is Gone
Eagles- Hotel California
Eagles- Love Will Keep Us Alive
Eagles- Take It Easy
Eminem- Stan
Guns n' Roses- Welcome to The Jungle
Guns n's Roses- Nightrain
Guns n' Roses- Out ta Get Me
Guns n' Roses- Mr. Brownstone
Guns n' Roses- Paradise City
Guns n' Roses- My Michelle
Guns n' Roses- Think About You
Guns n' Roses- Sweet Child o' Mine
Guns n' Roses- You're Crazy
Guns n' Roses- Anything Goes
Guns n' Roses- Don't Cry
Linkin Park- Breaking The Habit
LINKIN PARK- Lying From You
LINKIN PARK- My December
LINKIN PARK- One Step Closer
LINKIN PARK- Somewhere I Belong
Lobo- I'd Love You To Want Me

Bryan Adams- Open Road

Intro: Dm/F/C/G(x2)

Verse I:
            Dm      F    C  G           
i'm sitting at the wheel
         Dm    F    C  G
i got a green light
           Dm  F          C         G
not afraid of nothin' cuz heart and soul
    Dm         F       C  G
i'm built for life
           Dm      F    C  G
so let the engine roar
          Dm    F     C    G
push the pedal down
            Dm    F            C       G
i want the white lines on the highway
            Dm     F    C  G
to lead me out of town
i'm rolling on and on and on
who knows where i'm goin'?


F    C     G    Dm              F    C     G     Dm
life is an open road - it's the best story never told
         F       C              G       Dm
it's an endless sky - it's the deepest sea
life is an open road to me (bass part)
life is an open road to me (bass part)

Verse II: (verse II does exactly the same way as verse I)
i got headlights
to guide me thru the night
i got the window down and the radio playing
it makes me feel alive
i'm rolling on and on and on
who knows where i'm goin'?

Repeat Chorus